Mall Theaters… we’re breaking up with you. Probably one of the best local gems of San Diego is the drive-in theater. The South Bay Drive-in theater has been there for years, and has expanded to 3 screens for different showings, but there is also a location out in Santee as well.

On some weekends, there are very long lines, and it is first come first serve basis. Why the obsession over the drive-in? It certainly has a nostalgic feel that can add to the magic of watching a film. But also, bringing your own food and drink is the biggest plus. No thank you $20 buckets of popcorn and soda. Not to mention the privacy of being as obnoxious of a talker or giggler as you want, or at least from others as you would in a conventional theater.

So the next time you’re planning a family outing or a date, consider the drive-in theater. Bring your own popcorn and sodas, and be guilt free sneaking in candies or burritos (and yes I’ve snuck full-size burritos in a conventional theater, it’s not recommended but possible). Nostalgic California dreaming is just around the corner!

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