Along the coast of Point Loma you’ll find a place that somewhat resembles military barracks but with a flare. What was once a naval training center that opened in 1923 is now a hub for commercial and community art and local business.

view inside the liberty station food court

In many ways this place resembles Pike Place in Seattle, being a center of commerce with its own farmers market, but with much more space. It also has the unique military history still in the infrastructure and around the site.

close up to artwork on a table, swirls of paint on wood blocks

Due to the vast space you can find a wide range of businesses to shop, dine, and explore the local art scene with. The art district is a strong and growing one with shops and classes. And the dance building provides a space for many dance communities to practice throughout the day, usually studios don’t fit more than a few groups at a time. You can also find several museums around the property.

4 glasses of bottlecraft beers are clinking. A stout to the left, blonde ale above, amber ale to the right, and IPA on the bottomThis space also caters as a venue for large public events and private gatherings. Their calendar is often full with events open to visitors from art walks, to farmers market, and live music.

Barista with a bowlers hat serving coffee in a hipster looking cofeeshop

Did we mention it’s also right on the water near San Diego Bay, and only a few minute drive from San Diego Sailing Tours? Picture yourself enjoying the wind and the sea on a classic sailing yacht. When returning to land enjoying a beer, ice cream, and a public art walk at Liberty Station after. Now that’s a day well spent in San Diego!

French terrier dog to the right looking upwards with liberty public market sign behind him

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