It’s officially summer in beautiful San Diego, the season that this city was meant for. As a prime vacation destination for travelers from all around the world, San Diego has plenty of summertime activities to enjoy. There are certain essential items that you will need to make your trip to San Diego the best!

Because of our fantastic sunshine most of the year, sunglasses are a must-pack item for the summer! All around the county, most people don’t go outside unless they have sunglasses on, even if it’s not particularly sunny outside. Hats are also perfect for keeping that beautiful-but-strong sun off of your face.

If you’re gonna head to the beach during your vacation, beach towels are an absolute must-bring. Many hotels will provide beach towels that you can take with you to the fantastic beaches up and down the coast. If you’re packing your own, you’re gonna want to make sure that your towel is large enough to spread on the sand. Sunscreen is also essential to prevent harmful sunburns; even if the sun isn’t out in the morning, the sun can still burn through the clouds!

If you want to take in the San Diego Bay by water, sailing is your best bet! Comfy shoes and a light sweater for evening sails are good ideas. Most important for exploring San Diego by sail is a sense of adventure, ready to explore the city and the Bay from a different perspective.

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