We have had an unusual amount of humidity this summer in San Diego. San Diego is usually known for it’s dry desert climate. We have had a change of pace here with an incredible amount of humidity as well as tropical monsoon showers. This is exciting for locals here who are used to dry heat. What is causing all this subtropical humidity? It goes a little something like this…

Typically, in June a subtropical ridge of high pressure resides above Mexico. It then pushes up towards Southern California during July through September, creating the typical Southern California summertime climate. However, this year the intense high pressure is pulling moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, causing the jet stream (what keeps us dry) well into Canada. This is bringing monsoons and tropical thunderstorms to much of Southern California. This is also bringing very warm waters to San Diego as well as cool ocean critters like Leopard Sharks and Sea Turtles! The snorkeling in La Jolla Cove is a must when visiting San Diego. If swimming is not your strong suit, you can also take one of our Marine Wildlife Tours which cruises the San Diego Bay and introduces you to some indigenous creatures. Because of these unusually warm waters, you may be surprised to find some creatures exploring up from Mexico.


Come enjoy this usually tropical San Diego summer with us before it’s too late!

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