The beauty industry has created what seems like an endless amount of face products, which for most can be very overwhelming. How can we know for sure what works well with our skin type? Trying product in the market seems impossible and costly, and may result in disappointment. Those who live by the beach can ditch expensive products and turn to a more natural solution. Walking on the sand stimulates all the nerve ending on the soles of your feet and is excellent exercise, as it allows you to use muscles that you don’t normally use when wearing shoes. The ocean contains mineral and other compounds that help boost your immune system and helps the body dispose of toxins. The sun serves as a source of vitamin D and the air is thought to be full of negative ions, which help balance serotonin levels.


Next time you visit the beach, you may want to introduce your face to the sand and all its amazing benefits! The sand is a natural exfoliant, which rubs away dead skin cells and helps clear pores and acne. People with more serious problems like psoriasis and dermatitis can also benefit from the beach by allowing the sun’s UV rays to dry out psoriasis and the salt to heal dermatitis on the skin. Ocean water also serves as a moisturizer. The magnesium in the water preserves the elasticity of the skin, keeping it refreshed and moisturized. Going to the beach is fun, but the benefits of the sand on the skin give us all the more reasons to go spend a beautiful day at the beach!



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