Part of becoming dedicated to ocean conservation is remembering one of the reasons that we need to preserve the ocean is so that we can enjoy it for generations in the future. We can’t go to the beach and enjoy a summer day if the ocean isn’t clean. When we go to the beach, to swim, to surf, to relax, or whatever, we want to enjoy the experience of the water and sand and sun. Building sandcastles and sand-sculptures is something we all did as kids, and is a great way to reconnect with why we love going to the beach so much here in Southern California.

The basics of sandcastles are pretty easy: sand and water. Most of us can find a spare bucket somewhere and be on our way to a passable sandcastle in a matter of minutes. The sculptures that you see on shows that feature extreme sand-sculpting use the same materials, but require some specialized tool and a lot more planning. The key, the master builders say, is to pack sand when it’s wet so that it dries densely together; then it becomes easier to shape designs with carving tools. They can produce some pretty amazing results. The largest sand sculpture to date was sculpted in China in 2010; it reached 22.4 meters, over 73 feet tall!

Building sandcastles and sand sculptures is a great way to enjoy the beach and appreciate what clean beaches have to offer during the summer!


This post was originally by our friends at Seas Lyfe. You can find the original post here.

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