drone view looking down on Seas LYFE 70 foot research vessel, white hull, white and deep red sails.

Meet us today at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market from 4 pm-7 pm to meet the crew of Seas LYFE. Who is Seas LYFE? Earlier this year we launched a lifestyle brand for those who love to adventure on the water.

Seas LYFE boat docked on marina harborWe also purchased a 70-ft research vessel to go on a two-year circumnavigation to raise awareness for ocean conservation. While sailing around the world, we will also provide an educational platform on ocean pollution and solutions at reduceimpact.org. Learn more about who we are here.

sad bird among beach trash. The bird is judging you.All of this is supported by San Diego Sailing Tours, who is currently employing 14 people to run tours in San Diego and launch this lifestyle brand.

kyle happy tipping his hat, san diego in the background

So come support us and our journey by coming to Ocean Beach Farmers Market each Wednesday from 4pm -7pm and visiting our booth. We’ll be here to answer questions and will also be selling apparel, such as Seas LYFE hats and shirts. Again, each dollar you donate or spend with either San Diego Sailing Tours, or Seas LYFE Apparel will go to benefiting this organization and our goals. Our Mission is to Reduce the Devastation Being Done to Our World’s Oceans Caused by Careless Human Behavior.



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