With the rising temperatures and lush green hues returning back to the land, springtime in San Diego is an exciting time to get out and explore the city! Whether you are interested in going for hike, a Private Charter Sail, catching some waves on a longboard, or Sailing The San Diego Bay, the options can seem overwhelming.

Although there is a lot to do and explore this spring, go get in touch with your artistic side during this time of growth and rejuvenation at the San Diego Museum of Art! From April 29th to May 1st the San Diego Museum of Art will be hosting its 35th year with a new floral themed installation called Art Alive- Museum in Bloom.

This installation will feature over 100 different floral compositions, designed by Ben Lucero and Jim Lennox, and the museums impressive collection of Asian artworks.

This event will be a perfect day among the flowers on those days when there are spring showers! After the event, a Sunset Cruise on the San Diego Bay would make the perfect ending to an extraordinary day.

So slow down, stop and smell the roses, and come Discover Sailing with us this spring in San Diego.

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