Sailing is one of those pastimes that takes a lot of dedication and work to see everything pay off. There are certain requirements and pre-requisites that you need to obtain in order to become fully licensed as a captain. This is a list of everything needed in order to apply for an OUPV (Operator Uninspected Passenger Vessel) license. This allows the holder to captain uninspected vessels of up to 100 gross tons that are up to 90 ft. long.

Kyle Sailing Seas LYFE Vessel. large wooden wheel,blue overhang, a he wears a yellow jacket and black beanie

The basic requirements for this license is a minimum age of 18, 360 days of experience on a vessel (90 of which had to have occurred within the last 3 years), and this will only limit your license to uninspected vessels that weigh less than 100 gross tons. In addition to these regulations, 90 of the 360 days must be on the ocean or near coastal water. You are also unable to receive this license as a U.S. citizen.

Sailing is also one of the most rewarding past-times. There is nothing like being able to steer your own vessel, jetting down the water and being able to go where you want on a whim. More information on exactly how you can apply to become a licensed captain is on the Maritime Institute’s website.

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