Each Sunday this summer, we’ll be highlighting a different area of San Diego that you can enjoy during San Diego’s most popular season! This week, we’re spotlighting none other than the famous San Diego Bay, the home of San Diego Sailing Tours and some of the most memorable water experiences in the city.

The San Diego Bay sits just on the edge of downtown. The Bay is where sailing vessels, motorboats, cruise ships, and naval vessels all begin their voyages from within the protected waters of the Bay. The San Diego International Airport sits just to the North, allowing incoming travelers to take in their first sight of beautiful San Diego from the air. San Diego Sailing Tours calls the San Diego Bay home, sailing through its waters every day on each of our sailing excursions.

Coronado Island separates the Bay from the Pacific Ocean; located on Coronado are some of San Diego’s best hotels and resorts. Coronado Beach, on the southern end of the Pacific side of the island, is consistently ranked as one of the top beaches in the United States. Coronado Island also plays host to NAS North Island, the naval station that is home to several vessels of the U.S.N. Pacific Fleet.

The Bay is so important to daily life in San Diego, from its use as a transportation hub to an ecological site. Protecting the San Diego Bay from pollution is one of the most important things that all of us can do every day.

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