Technically, there are many different variations of boats you will see out on the water, but ultimately, they can all be put into 3 categories.


#1Unpowered or Manpowered Boats


Whenever you see someone paddling or manually guiding a boat through water these are unpowered boats such as rafts, gondolas, kayaks, pedal boats or canoes. The name unpowered boat stems from the reason that there is not function on the boat providing power to itself, instead, you are propelling the boat. Definitely beats going to the gym!

#2 Sailboats


Let the wind guide your sail across the water. Relax in style as the wind power lifts your sails as carrying you across the bay. These boats rely on wind power to propel them across the water. Some different types of sailboats are a catamaran, sloop, schooner, yawl and many more.

sailboat with sails

#3 Motorboats


These boats are engine powered and carry you across the water at great speeds. These are usually more compact and aerodynamic boats. Some examples may include a bass boat, bowrider, center console, cuddy cabin, cruiser and many more.motorboat

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