The beaufort scale is an old sailing trick to determine the speed of the wind by observing the things around you, like the waves on the water or the leaves on trees. Here is a few things to watch out for next time your sailing the seas and need to know how fast the wind is blowing without any fancy gizmos!

0-1 MPH 0-1 Knots, Seas are flat, Smoke rises vertically.

1-3 MPH 1-3 Knots, Small ripples on water, Smoke drifts downwind.

4-7 MPH 4-6 Knots, Small glassy waves, Wind felt on skin, Leaves rustle on ground.

8-12 MPH 7-10 Knots, Scattered whitecaps on water, Leaves and sticks begin moving, Blowing flags will be fully extended

13-18 MPH 11-16 Knots, Frequent Whitecaps and small breaking waves, small branches move on trees.

19-24 MPH 17-21 Knots, Many Whitecaps with spray off the top, Large tree branches start moving.

25- 31 MPH 22-27 Knots, Waves become larger and spray white foam, Whistling heard through power lines, trash cans blow over.

32-38 MPH 28-33 Knots, Breaking waves and spraying water blown downwind, Whole trees shake, walking upwind becomes difficult.

39-46 MPH 34-40 Knots, Larger waves and spraying foam clearly point wind direction, twigs break from trees, cars swerve on roadway.

47- 54 MPH 41-47 Knots, Waves begin to roll and break, fast spray reduces visibility, Branches break from trees, street signs blow over.

55-63 MPH 48-55 Knots, Large full waves, Ocean appears white, Trees are uprooted buildings damaged.

64-72 MPH 56-63 Knots, Huge Waves, sea white and foamy with stinging spray, Widespread damage to buildings, trees and cars.

Above 73 MPH Above 64 Knots, Gigantic ridiculous waves, ocean is completely white and you cant see anything, buildings destroyed, debris flying everywhere. Find Shelter!

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