If you have ever gone sailing, whether it be on a lake or in the ocean, you know the refreshing feeling that rushes through your body when the wind is hitting your face and the water from below is sprinkling just so slightly. Let me make it clear that going sailing yourself and going on a sailing tour are two very different things. Sailing yourself is fun, but it does require strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Also, your mind tends to be constantly focused on the next move; when and where to change course (unless you’re very experienced, which then it may just be second nature). Being the passenger of a sailing tour doesn’t require anything but complete relaxation and good camera skills!

Here are a few benefits of going on a San Diego Sailing Tour:

  • You will have a one-of-a-kind view

Whether you live in San Diego or not, you’d be surprised of how many people have not experienced this city from the water! There is nothing more unique than seeing the sunlight reflect off the buildings in Downtown San Diego, coming within feet of a wild sea lion or dolphin, and sailing along the Navy military base on Coronado Island.

  • Perfect opportunity to mingle

If you book a Private Sailing Tour, you can experience all of what San Diego has to offer with your family, friends, or that special one. Even being aboard one of our group tours is a blast! You never know who you’ll meet. You might even make a new friend! We only accept up to 6 people on our Signature Sailing Tours to ensure you have an amazing, stress-free experience. (large party packages are available upon request)

  • Your money will be well spent

Our owner started San Diego Sailing Tours, because he loves sailing that much! With all of our sailing tours, we include unlimited water and soda, light snacks, a homemade cheese and salami platter, and the first round of either locally crafted brew or white wine. On our Sunset Tour or Moonlight Tour, we bring out the champagne! Also, ask about our breakfast/lunch options and we can add a delicious sandwich from Papanani’s Deli.


We’ll Sail You Soon!


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