Flyboarding is the new incredible, adrenaline-pumping watersport created by Zapata Racing. We here at San Diego Sailing Tours have gotten to witness this from our boats  while out on tours, and it looks like a ton of fun! After talking to a couple of the instructors, they informed us exactly what flyboarding is and what to expect.

A 60 foot hose is attached to the back of the jet ski and on the other end is the board with the person strapped in.  When the jet ski turns on, the propulsion from the jet ski races through the hose to the board.  This force of water, which is controlled by the person on the jet ski, is what lifts someone out of the air.  They also told us that all of their instructors are trained and certified to ensure safety, and guarantee an amazing experience you will never forget. So when you’re on vacation in San Diego and want something fun and exciting to do, come check out the premier flyboarding venue next to us at Cabrillo Isle Marina.

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