During the month of October, San Diego’s famous Balboa Park is hosting The Haunted Trail which is a frightening stroll through the park that is over a mile! You will be taken through a spooky grove of misshapen¬†pines and deformed oaks. The scares will be popping out from every side! This is a very intense attraction and is not recommended for children under 10 or anyone that is faint of heart.

This year Horror Icons from the spooky past return! Figures like Freddy, The Nun, Michael Myers, and Jason will be making an appearance. Make sure to follow the red balloon and it will lead you to a blood-drenched Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It is even said that a gate to the upside down world will be opening in the fan favorite Stranger Things house. You may even get snowed in at the Island of Misfit Toys. Brrrrr!! This maze is so terrifying that it can only really be described as “The eXperiment”.

There is over 3500 sq. ft. of pure terror for the whole family to come out and enjoy the fright! There will purge-infested terrifying monsters waiting around every corner. This has been going on from September 28th and will continue until October 31 happening almost every night excluding some Mondays and Tuesdays. Usually, this event begins around 6:30 or 7 every night and will be going on until 11. Check hauntedtril.net/schedule/ for more information on times.

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