Whether sailing as a passenger or captain, sailing has many benefits to one’s overall health. There is a mental and physical balance that sailing provides for its participants. Whether cutting across Lake Tahoe or coasting on the San Diego Bay the benefits of sailing can’t be argued.

As a captain there are no-doubt several physical benefits to sailing including endurance and stamina, not to mention muscle strength. Sailing is also a great cardiovascular workout as with any activity that vastly increases your oxygen consumption. Studies have shown that increased agility and flexibility are common among sailors as well.

As a captain or skipper, you are also likely to see highly refined skills in focus. This comes from the primal instinct to stay safe while also focusing on many tasks at hand.  Some studies have even shown that communication skills grow as captain and crew need to operate as a unit. Often turning to non-verbal communication during more dangerous tasks.

As a passenger, there are many health benefits as well. Mental health is the biggest winner here, sailing on the salt water allows more oxygen into your lungs and brain which elevate your mood naturally.  Sailing naturally lowers stress also! The rhythm and sounds of the water against the hull as well as the sound of the wind in the sails can actually affect brainwave patterns creating a sense of calm and peace.

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