Marine Research Center Bali Indonesia is a unique 2,500 square meter construction built right in the middle of the sea-water in order to understand and facilitate a better program to study and delve more into the underwater earthquakes that cause tsunamis in the Indonesian island.

This beautiful research center is located around 100 km away from the Kuta Beach and on a first glance resembles a gigantic shoe. GH However, the architecture and the construction of the Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia are quite admirable as they not only cover ample area above the surface of the water but also contain labs and rooms which are located underwater.

The construction and the brain behind the innovation of such a one-of-its-kind research center is a company called SOLUS4 which provided the know-how and the graphics to make the concept of the Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia into a physical reality. The Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia contains three bifurcations namely – Public, Private and Semi-Public and as the titles suggest, they are open to the visitors appropriately. Additionally, the construction of the research center has been done so effectively that the research center blends in smoothly not only with the marine environment but also with the on-land individuals as well.



The main purpose behind the conception and the construction of the Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia is to study the tsunami causing waves in depth, delve into their approach through the water and thus chart out ways and means to prevent a tsunami from causing major damage to the lives of the individuals residing in the coastal areas.


The Idea

The Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia uses renewable sources of energy like solar panels for its electricity generation and collected rainwater for water consumption by the scientists who live in the center for the purpose of research and exploration. It has been designed to make things feasible not just for the people who are based with the research center but also for the plants and animals who might find the construction of the structure a bit hindering to their growth, movement, and survival.
With the core purpose quite clear and the simplicity of the construction helping the research center to come closer and closer to achieve its purpose, the Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia has become a great hit not only among the people in the country but also among people across the world. In its own way, the Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia has become an icon structure helping to study and at the same time add a bit of dynamism to the field of architecture.

And considering the objective and scope of the nature of the research study undertaken, it is quite apparent that the Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia has got a lot of potential in the international arena for being a revolutionary structure not just in terms of its architectural beauty but also in terms of the research and expertise provided.

And who knows, a few years down the line, while choosing the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Marine Research Centre Bali Indonesia, might be nominated and win an award fitting to its disposition – being unique in every way that matters, in terms of looks and identity and most importantly, in terms of its vast contribution to the field of marine meteorology.


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