On April 14, 2019,  from 9 am to 5 pm, the San Diego Sportfishing Council is sponsoring a grand display of sportfishing! This is your chance to truly discover not only what the Port of San Diego holds for you, but you will also be able to pick up some trade secrets from commercial anglers and other industry experts, definitely, the best way for you to get prepared for that next fishing trip. You will also be able to show off your finesse with a rod in a Casting Contest hosted by Seeker Rods & Avet Reels.

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In addition to gaining some inside tips and tricks from the masters themselves, there will also be a catch, prep and cook center so that you not only learn how to catch a winner but so you can enjoy your catch as much as possible also! They will have presentations covering everything from proper handling to storage to the preparation of fresh fish as well as demonstrations of different recipes.

This is also a perfect event to bring out the entire family, for $3 your whole family can take a boat ride around the Bay of San Diego.  These trips will be continuously running throughout the entire day departing from 3 different sportfishing landings. There will also be live entertainment starting right at 9 am going on throughout the entire day. Come out and experience what truly lies on San Diego’s waterfront!


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