We are sure that anyone who has been on a sailboat, wether you are a sailing enthusiast, or a seaside rookie have enjoyed their time on the water.  But these people below love sailing so much, that they have turned their entire lives into one permanent sailing dream.  Check out the links below the descriptions to follow their daily blogs, enjoy the beautiful pictures, and even get some advice when it comes to “The Sailing Dream”.

Zero to Cruising

Zero to Cruising is definitely one of the most popular sailing blogs to date. Mike and Rebecca started their sailing adventure in 2008 with ‘zero’ sailing experience. They left Ontario in 2010 and, since then, they’ve documented every trip sailing their magnificent catamaran around the Caribbean.



It’s Our Necessity

Eben and Genevieve first met when they were 18 and after reconnecting in 2007,  knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives sailing their 1989 41′ Morgan Classic around the world together. There website shares their experiences living onboard full-time with two young girls, and gives some insight on the crazy journey of living on a sailboat to the total makeover of Necesse.


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