It has been beautiful here on the bay in San Diego.  The palm trees, blue skies, and calm waters make for a wonderful day spent outdoors.  There are plenty of activities here in San Diego including the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, Sea World, Padres games, Speed Boats, and of course, Sailing!  But one that lets you do all the work and have fun is renting Kayaks and Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP).  The kayaks and SUPs allow you and your friends or family to navigate on the San Diego Bay as a group, or individually.  As you are out in the water there is no guarantee, but you may see some fish, Sea Lions, and plenty of boats.  Some other landmarks that are a must to check out as you pass, is the San Salvador, Spanish Landing, and the Marine Mammal Research Center.

Along with getting to see some great attractions, you want to make sure that your experience is not only fun, but safe.  Here are 5 things you need to know and rules you should follow:

1.  Always wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

2. No Alcohol or Drugs should be consumed while operating the Kayaks and SUPs

3. Each participant should be able to swim

4. Know the proper way to board the equipment

5. Avoid close quarters with others (Boats, Jet Skis, other Kayaks and SUPs, etc.)

These are just a few of the many rules you should abide by when operating above listed equipment.  The information is provided to keep you safe and make sure that your experience is one that you will want to do again.  Enjoy what San Diego has to offer!

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