view of a cathedral light in briliant purple and blue colors

Usually, we associate the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park with dinosaurs and cool interactive traveling museums on chocolate or torture devices. But did you know that they also host events? No joke, I’ve even seen time traveling wrestling hosted there!

people laying down around a sound bowl musician in purple lightingBut coming up is a spectacular and relaxing show that is there if you’re looking for healing and music and maybe not chocolate, wrestling, or dinosaurs ( or chocolate wrestling dinosaurs!) Throughout this weekend, June 7th-8th, the Holistic Chamber of Sound will be putting on an immersive event.

musician druming as he stands in soft purple and blue light

This is the concert you sit down and watch, or one you rave and jump up and down to. You can bring your yoga mat and pillow, and simply relax. It is live music produced by shamanic healers with Native American flutes, drums, singing bowls, bells, and more. All while the space is lit in beautiful dancing colors to induce a waking dream state.

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