It’s Thursday and for a lot of people that means one more day till the weekend! Hang in there everyone, we hope our featured photo sparks the feeling that for San Diego, Summer is never too far away.

It’s no secret San Diego rest in a unique spot along the west coast of California where we’re blessed with year-round with mild temperatures. It’s November, and while a slight chill is in the air, it is a beautiful and sunny day! Many of our guests call wondering what they should wear as the San Diego winter approaches, so here are some tips from a local:

  1. Use Accuweather app or website to check out the local forecast. However, know that cloudy typically means just that, cloudy, and no rain. And if there is a chance of rain, we typically don’t experience heavy rainfall. Central San Diego hardly ever see’s snow, so don’t pack those extra thick winter gear.
  2. It’s usually cold in the morning and evening, and then can get very warm in the midday, even in December and January. So dress in layers, whatever you’re comfortable with the morning temperatures which could be a jacket and scarf, and keep a short sleeve shirt under just in case. Nothing like a crispy cold morning to fool you into extra warm clothing you feel like a walking sauna in by lunchtime.
  3. If you want to see some snow, it’s not a long drive away into the eastern mountain region. Just on the outskirts of San Diego, in Alpine you can catch lightly snowed hilltops and mountains that overlook all of the county and out into the ocean. Ski Resorts like Big Bear are only a days drive away.
  4. The ocean is cold all year round and feels especially great in the Summer. Many of our guest wonder if our sailing tours are a “wet ride”, and the answer is no. Most guest dress casually, comfortably, and nice depending on the occasion. If you do feel chilly, we always keep blankets onboard for extra comfort.

So enjoy this season that’s approaching, and don’t be afraid to call our office with any questions in regards to weather and trip planning!

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