When the ocean is at a low tide you can find me tide-pooling in one of the many great spots here in San Diego. Its amazing being able to see things such as: sea slugs, anemones, starfish, and other living things that make tide-pools their home. San Diego has many places to go tide-pooling and not only is it something fun to do, but you also get to see how beautifully nature works. Every time I would visit the ocean I would always want to go tide-pooling, but now living in California’s finest city I get to go whenever the time comes!


The best times to go are late-fall and winter. Remember, everything you see or touch at a tide-pool is not for you to keep. These are homes to many creatures and organisms so its best to admire them and leave them where they are. Some of these pools require a little hike but trust me its always worth it. Being a nature junky myself has made me appreciate the opportunity to explore things like this and learn a little more about the ocean and what’s inside of it.


The different places you can go tide pooling are in Point Loma, Blacks Beach, Cardiff State Beach, and Torrey Pines. Point Loma is where the beautiful hidden tide-pools are located. They have rocky cliffs surrounding them so its a bit of a hike to get there, other than that its one of my favorite places to go! If you’re looking for a quick little trip to seek out what a tide pool is and what is on display I suggest going to Cardiff state beach. Its an easily accessible pool that will allow you to stop for a quick second when on the road and give you the chance to look around. Another pool to go check out is the one in Torrey Pines. Located in this beautiful area is another small hike to get to your destination. Along the way are smaller tide pools you’ll pass by before you hit the gem. Lastly, Blacks Beach is a one of a kind place to go tide-pooling. Take caution, it is a nude beach so you are bound to see people walking, lounging and swimming in the nude. Other than that its another one of the great places to view tide-pools. The beach itself is ,of course, beautiful but also a great tide pool that i suggest checking out!


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