Whenever someone thinks of where to go for vacation the first place they think of is somewhere with a beach. Here we are going to be listing off our top 3 beach towns for vacationing in California. These places are all right on the shore with amazing activities to keep you busy.

#3 Mendocino County

Mendocino is one of California’s original county located in the northern region. This is a town with a huge amount of historical significance, many Native American tribes had used this county as their home in the early 1800s. Mendocino contains multiple different state parks, reserves, rivers and beautiful beaches.

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#2 San Francisco

Having more recently become California’s cultural, commercial, and financial center, San Francisco has begun to receive a lot of attention internationally. This is not only for the sprouting businesses, but also because of its amazing sights and scenery. San Francisco has a very hilly landscape and is known for its rolling fog. San Francisco is also known as ‘The Golden Gate City’ because of the Golden Gate Bridge that is also a huge tourist attraction.golden gate bridge in San Francisco

#1 San Diego

Despite it being our home San Diego is indefinitely our favorite beach town. Right on the border of Mexico, there is a huge amount of cultural diversity. Known for its world-renowned Mexican food and beaches there is always something to do in San Diego.

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