The beach is always one of the places that is on everyone’s list of spots to hit during the summer. San Diego is well known around the world for its incredible beaches, but with miles of coastline and so many beaches, it can be hard to choose if you’re only in town for a few days. Luckily, we were able to narrow down a list of our 3 favorites, making sure to pick beaches in different parts of San Diego County.

Moonlight Beach (Encinitas): Moonlight Beach is our North County pick for beaches in San Diego. It is a favorite spot among locals, with its more-narrow-than-normal beach and ample volleyball space. The surfers¬†in this area hit the beach pretty early in the morning, and by most weekends the beach is packed by noon. It’s a great place to have bonfires in the evenings as well, as one of the few beaches in San Diego County that still operates designated fire pits.

Mission Beach: Mission Beach is one of San Diego’s most famous beaches, nestled right at the coastline protecting Mission Bay. It is a favorite among visitors and locals alike, with a longstanding Mission Beach community that is continually enjoying the summer sun year after year. A huge feature of Mission Beach is Belmont Park, the seaside amusement park that caters to people of all ages in beachside fun.

Ocean Beach: Ocean Beach is another local favorite, known for the unique local culture in this seaside town. OB has a lot of history with San Diego, and is situated just north of Point Loma. Beachgoers in OB like the laidback atmosphere and friendly local community.

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