During this pandemic, everyone is finding themselves bored around the house. Sometimes it can feel like we have no other choice in leisure activities except for watching Netflix 18 hours a day or taking your dog on a walk 3 times in an hour. We are here to tell you that there are still a bunch of fun activities you can do all over San Diego while staying healthy and safe. From taking in the beautiful architectural majesty that is Balboa Park to lounging around on the beach and watching the waves go by. No matter what you are looking to do there is an activity for everyone!

#3 Check Out Beautiful Balboa Park

For one of the most amazing tours of your life take a walk through Balboa Park which contains over 100 different points of interest for the tour. You can stay on the trail or decide to venture off and find something new. The park itself is home to over 15 different museums, the San Diego zoo, different performing arts venues, cultural organizations, exquisite gardens, different types of trails whether you are walking or hiking, restaurants and much more! I would definitely take the time to come and check it out for yourself. Whether you fall in love with the surrounding or the architecture, Balboa Park will easily become your favorite part of the city.


#2 Cruise Through Seaport Village

If you just want to take a stroll with an amazing view and the ocean breeze rubbing against you, I would take a day trip through Seaport Village. Any day of the week, you may end up finding live music or some form of information. While there check out some of their award-winning restaurants and maybe even stay for a romantic meal while you and someone you care about to watch an amazing sunset. In addition to having some of the best food in San Diego; this is also one of the more popular spots for people to come run and get a workout!

#3 Take a Sailing Tour

During all of this craziness, here at San Diego Sailing Tours we are still keeping our doors open! See San Diego how it is meant to be seen right off the edge of your own private sailing yacht. Sit on the bow with a drink and let the mind brush through your hair as you sail over the calming waves. Let yourself unwind and take a load off, everyone needs it!

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