#1 Carlsbad Music Festival

Location: Carlsbad

Time: Friday, August 24 to Sunday, August 26

Come out and enjoy the Carlsbad Music Festival that has been going on for 15 years now. This is one of San Diego’s more unique events that is sure to have something for everyone. There are more than 60 musical performances ranging over all genres from country to rap. Find your new favorite artist this weekend while enjoying some amazing live entertainment. This is a free event although a couple of concerts are ticketed.

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#2 Imperial Avenue Street Festival

Location: Imperial Avenue in Logan Heights

Time: Saturday, August 25

Make sure to come out to this event if you love food and cultural diversity. This street festival will bring together the influences of the two most prevalent cultures in Logan Heights, Latin and African American. There will be food, drinks, and live performances and entertainment. There will be many vendors lining the street selling everything from Columbian to Cajun. This event is free to enter, but there will be food and other things available for purchase.

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#3 LeucadiaART

Location: HWY 101, Leucadia

Time Sunday, August 26

Leucadia is pretty much a historical landmark within San Diego. For the 14th year, they are hosting a cultural demonstration along this town’s beautiful 101 corridor. There will be live music, art, and food celebrating the Bohemian culture. This will be a great time with a lot of entertainment and an amazing atmosphere. This is completely free so come out and take advantage while it is going on.

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