The summer heat has officially hit San Diego, and rising temperatures are driving people from all around the area to the coast for some relief. Here are some of our suggestions for summertime fun that’ll help you beat the heat!

Hitting the Beach 

One of the most obvious ways to get out of the heat this summer is to head to one of San Diego’s incredible beaches. Our top choices are Ocean Beach and La Jolla Shores in San Diego proper and up in North County, we’d recommend Del Mar Beach. These are great places to lay out a towel and enjoy the sea breeze.


Ice Cream

There are plenty of amazing local ice cream places around San Diego. Some of the best places are The Baked Bear in Pacific Beach and Bobboi’s Natural Gelato in La Jolla. Ice cream is one of the best ways to cool down in the summer!



Of course, sailing the pristine waters of the San Diego Bay is an awesome way to feel the sea air and cool off from higher inland temperatures. We’ll be sailing all weekend to make the most out of the incredible summer that we get here in San Diego.

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