1. Live like a local – Step into a new culture, explore, eat ethnic foods, and check out local hangout spots.
2. Be patient – Especially when travelling long distances. Know that things may not always go according to plan and that’s okay. Also be patient with language barriers, be humble and remember that you are the minority travelling in their country. Do your best to communicate with them and do not force locals to try to speak English, unless they are wanting to.
3. Hide extra cash – Stash Cash in multiple different places. Some things aren’t planned and it’s better to be prepared if something goes wrong.
4. Be outgoing – Always smile. Put yourself out there, be friendly, and make as many friends as possible.
5. Live in the moment – Don’t stress about things beyond your control such as things that are going on at home that you feel like you may be missing out on. One day you will look back on your travels and wish you were back in that moment. Don’t focus on the past, or the future, just live in the present.
6. Take lots of pictures – and I mean lots.
7. Have no regrets – Make wise decisions and don’t regret something you did or did not do. Didn’t have time to do or see something you wanted to? No worries, just an excuse to go back in the future!
8. Keep an open mind – Travelling is the perfect time to step away from the culture that you are used to and step into another. Learn as much as you can about other cultures and how they live their daily lives. Just because something is accepted in your culture, does not mean it is accepted in every culture.
9. Make friends and stay in contact with them – exchange emails, social media pages, phone numbers, etc. You can never have too many friends. Make plenty of them and stay in contact. It’s always good to have connections in any area that life may take you.
10. Eat local food – Don’t just stick to what you know. Step outside of your comfort zone and eat like a local. It’s not going to hurt you to try ethnic foods, and who knows, you may experience a new delicacy you didn’t know existed!
11. Wander – Not all who wander are lost. Sometimes being “lost” will provide some of life’s greatest experiences.
12. Keep a journal– It is great to keep notes of where you stayed, how much things cost, what activities you did, and where you ate. Previous travelling journals have provided great information for friends or family travelling to those same areas. It’s always good to go back and reminisce, almost a guaranteed smile 🙂
13. Step outside of your comfort zone – Explore, Explore, Explore. Meet new people, try new foods, and go on great adventures.
14. Live by the seed of your pants – Try to not always have a plan. Sometimes plans fall through and you don’t want to be disappointed. Live day-to-day and experience things as they come.
15. Pack light – Especially if backpacking. Check out new areas and move around often, but remember, what you pack you must carry. The less stuff you bring means more room for stuff to be brought back. Do yourself a favor and learn the art of packing light. You will be forever grateful.

Travelling provides lifelong memories and experiences that cannot be read in a book. Life is about living, get out there and create your own story!

We’ll Sail You Soon!

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