As I was sitting here in the San Diego Sailing Tours office, looking out at the tranquil San Diego Bay, I began to wonder… what kind of little creatures swim UNDER our sailing yachts in the San Diego Bay, day by day!?

Here’s what we found:

Bat Ray – Shuffle your feet!!! These bottom feeders have a venomous spine that sticks out with their tail and will stab you if you get too close or step on them so be CAREFUL!
Bonefish – Stays close to shore feeding on shrimp and crustaceans
Bonito – This medium sized fish means ” pretty” in Spanish and is pretty good to eat. This fish is similar to Tuna with a little darker meat.
Halibut – One of my favorite to eat! Halibut is a delicious white fish.
Leopard Shark – (usually) won’t bite you
Pacific Mackerel – said to taste similar to canned sardines
Sculpin – Ever heard of Ballast Point beer? This little guy is their main logo!
Shortfin Corvina – a sleek and stealthy, yet aggressive predator that when hooked has an aptitude for airborne acrobatics and drag screaming runs
Shovelnose Guitarfish – a primitively developed ray, with many features of both sharks and rays
Spotted Bay Bass – A “fighter fish” that
Yellowfin Croaker – A yellow fish with dark dorsal fins

Now next time you take your family on a relaxing San Diego Sailing Tour, you’ll have a better idea of what is swimming underneath, and also what to order for dinner at one of San Diego’s awesome seafood restaurants.

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