Want to jump off cliffs into naturally made swimming pools?

Here are some hikes in San Diego that you should wear your swimsuit to.

3 Sister Falls- Located about 1 hour away from San Diego and about a 2 hour hike in. 3 sister falls has 3 giant swimming pools, one feeding into the other, cascading down. This hike is for semi-experienced hikers for there is a part on your way in and out that you have to rope-rock climb. This is one of my FAVORITES and a must have for a hiking bucket list.

Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve- Located off the 56 hwy about 30min away from downtown San Diego is a perfect hike to take your dogs or if you have a horse its a great trail ride. This is a flat land hike and can be suitable for anyone. There is a creek that runs through the middle of the canyon with a waterfall at the end with a pretty cool view.

Devils Punch Bowl (Cedar Creek Falls)- One of San Diego’s most popular hikes. This hike is located in the Ramona area of San Diego which is about 30 min away from downtown San Diego. Its about a 3 mile hike in but when you arrive you are greeted with an 80ft waterfall cascading into a fresh water pool, complete with a rope swing perfect for the kids.



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Blogged by Natasha Reichart


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