Ignore the fact that we have said in past blogs that Fall is our favorite season, Fall doesn’t compare to the amount of love we have for the whale watching season! This is indefinitely our favorite season of the year. Right as temperatures begin to drop, the whales make a break for the warmer waters of San Diego. Whales are not only the biggest animals on the planet, but they are also one of the most majestic!

As we sail out past Point Loma, there are a million directions to head in. Mainly relying on the warning and calls of other sailors, finding a whale is almost like looking for buried treasure! More often than not the first sign is usually always a water spout; sometimes they will hide amongst the waves but most of the times they are pretty big. 

Whatever your favorite season is, make sure to check out the whales while they are in town. Almost nothing is as breathtaking as a wild whale putting on a show for you as it maneuvers through the sea and air. Check out our whale watching tours and see why this is our favorite season of the year!

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