The gray whale watching season in San Diego traditionally runs from mid December through April while the blue whale makes its way past our city on its migratory route from mid June through September. How lucky are we to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures nearly year round? One can view them either from land (from a beach or overlooking point) or from out on the water on a sea vessel. Here at San Diego Sailing Tours we tend to think the latter option is the best option of the two!!

The best way to initially spot a whale is to look for a spout. A spout is when the whale expels his or her breath into the air after a long dive. Once you’ve locked in on their location keep an eye out for these typical behaviors: bowriding, lobtailing, pec-slapping, spyhopping, and breaching. We’ll let you do the research to discover what these are…but we WILL leave you with one interesting fact: ¬†Blue and gray whales both have not one, but TWO blowholes. Pretty cool.

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