Watching season in San Diego officially starts December 9. California grey whales and blue whales are seen off the coast as they are migrating. Because these two types of whales migrate at different times, whale season is usually a year-round event in San Diego. Gray whales migrate from December through April and blue whales from June through September. Blue whale calves are seen swimming alongside their mothers during the return migration in the spring.

Gray whales tend to swim close enough to shore to be seen, however, boat tours are necessary in order to see blue, minke and fin whales. The number of blue whales in San Diego has increased in the past few years because of the abundance of krill in the ocean as well as the temperature change of the water. It is harder to spot these beautiful creatures from a distance when waters are choppy. For this reason, it is better to schedule whale watching tours for days with lighter wind. For days with high wind, it is recommended to go in the morning or as early as possible.  Whale watching is an amazing experience that allows us to connect with nature and all it has to offers.  If you haven’t done so already, make sure you allow yourself some time to witness this enchanting experience first hand.

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