America’s Finest City, San Diego is routinely mentioned as one of the country’s top vacation destinations and beachside cities. But what is it about San Diego that makes it special, not only for the visitors but for the 3.3 million residents of San Diego County? We wanted to explore some of San Diego’s best qualities that have made it the perfect place for us to spend our days sailing.

San Diego is made up of dozens of distinct neighborhoods and towns; this is part of the reason why the Greater San Diego area is so large, both in terms of population and geography. From Ocean Beach to Mission Beach to La Jolla and beyond, there are so many different parts of San Diego to explore, each with their own unique history and feel. The nice part about having so many different communities is that many of them are residential, giving many different people the opportunity to find a neighborhood that fits their lifestyle.

San Diego has also become known for its distinctive take on Southern California culture, becoming widely-known for its craft breweries and innovative restaurants. A vibrant city-wide culture connected to San Diego as a great place for both visitors and residents alike is one of the reasons why it’s often called “America’s Finest City”.

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