One of the questions that we get most frequently here at San Diego Sailing Tours is what to bring on a sailing trip. We sail all year round, in varying weather conditions, so we have a few tips and tricks to make sure that you’re prepared, whether you’re a seasoned sailor or this will be your first time on the water.

Comfortable clothes are a must. The weather can be temperamental on the water, and changes are often more extreme than on land. Layering is always a good idea, especially for early morning or nighttime sails; this will allow you to be prepped no matter what the conditions become. Shoes are another consideration: you’ll want light shoes that are comfortable, as heavy or dark-soled shoes will damage the exterior finishes of most vessels.

Sunglasses are definitely something you’ll want to make sure you bring, as the sun can be very bright on the water, especially in San Diego. Hats are recommended as well, just as long as you can be sure to keep track of everything you bring. In high winds especially, loose articles of clothing tend to be the first things lost!

Otherwise, cameras are always a good idea, as you’ll want to capture the memories that you make out on the water. Oh, and of course, your sense of adventure! Sailing is one of the great pastimes that has carried on to today and is one of the best ways to experience San Diego with your friends and loved ones.

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