When people book a sailing tour with us, one of the most common questions we receive is in regards to what should be worn out on the water. Even though San Diego has gorgeous warm weather, that same heat and warmth is not always found out on the water. In order to help you best prepare for your trip, we recommend a few things to ensure you have comfortable sail.

We highly recommend that you bring layers with you. Whether it is a sweater or jacket, you will definitely need an outer jacket for when winds pick up out on the bay. There is nothing worse than having to sit below deck during a sailing tour because you’re too cold! Another piece of clothing you’re going to be happy you have with you is a windbreaker. This is a perfect jacket to have to go over a sweater as it protects you from the wind and is waterproof (just in case there is light spray on the water).

Apart from those few items, we always find it beneficial to bring a pair of socks just in case your feet get chilly on board.

Although we do provide pillows and blankets on the yachts, coming prepared can make your experience sailing that much more comfortable.


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