A few years ago we introduced the newest member of our fleet by doing an impressive photo shoot with all three of our yachts along the beautiful San Diego Bay. An example photo is posted above. However, we’re getting ready to include two additional members next week, and can’t wait to introduce them to the world. In similarity, we’re planning a photo shoot with our entire fleet.

Here at San Diego Sailing Tours, we specialize in finding vintage sailing yachts and restoring them to their former glory. A popular brand are the Cal Jensen’s yachts, which were made in the 60’s and 70’s right here in California, and were the first mass produced racing yachts. We have a Cal Jensen in our fleet, and other yachts modeled in a similar fashion.

Our yachts fashion tweak wood for the exterior and have traveled long distances across open ocean. However, for our tours we typically stay right in the Bay. Stay updated as we prepare to upcoming kickoff party and charters on our newest yachts by following the blog.

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