Move over dudes, it’s time to let the girls plan the fun times. Why? They’re just better at it. No, this article won’t include an obscure study that was conducted at a university you’ve never heard of, we’re just opinionated. But we’re not here to also play “men are from Mars”, at the end of the day we’re all capable of planning something fun, romantic, and memorable, but seriously guys…. take some notes.

We Plan Ahead

Almost every tourist industry likes to target toward women more so than men due to a similar nature in their demographic. They are planning ahead! They are taking advantage of deals ways in advance, making sure our itineraries are in order, and that we make the most of our time in a new city. We’re not suggesting it’s their job, it’s just what winds up happening. Next time a dude says his date was too expensive, ask him if he checked the local listing for discounts!

We Don’t Forget Holidays

If you got a Christmas card a month in advanced, it was probably sent by your Great Aunt and not Uncle for a reason. Some of us just have terrible memories regardless of gender, but across households, it’s common behavior. Any dudes reading: you know Valentines Day is right around the corner, right? 

We Just Want To Have Fun

I see this more so with women more than men. They will treat their best friends on non-romantic dates to the movies and dinner. While Joe is pretending not to care that he doesn’t have a date when watching Netflix, Becky is out with her besties living life because it’s too short not to have fun. Single people don’t have to miss out on Valentines Day just because it possibly was invented by Scorpios.

Everyone Is Creative…. Sort Of


Did your family ever grow up watching AFV? Do you continue to watch the most outrageous videos on youtube? Chances are you’ve noticed a common pattern. Guys can be creative in trying new things and building new contraptions. It’s just when they fail with so much confidence it becomes a viral video. As a lady, I’ve had my fair share of broken bones and mishaps, but please check me if I ever say a trip to the ER is my version of fun. All I’m suggesting is to take that creative energy and put it into surprising your bae in the best way possible, so you don’t end up on youtube with millions of chuckles.

Solutions and Conclusions

Okay, I’ll admit, I am a terrible planner and forget important dates, which is hypocritical to everything I just wrote about women, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten how to be creative! I think we all have it in ourselves to do a little extra for those we care about. So as an extra I will help out any readers who got a small anxiety attack after realizing Valentines Day is just around the corner. San Diego Sailing Tours offers private sailing charters for couples, and just for V-Day we’re even throwing in a rose for your special date. What’s more romantic than a salty captain handing your lady a rose? And don’t forget to use promo code: VDAY18 when booking to get $10 off! 


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