We always write about how San Diego is America’s Finest City, but what does that really mean? What makes San Diego the best city in the country? It’s the best time of the year to answer that question, summer, so we’ll give you a few reasons why San Diego is the perfect place to spend your vacation months.

The most obvious reason that San Diego is best experienced in the summer is the coast. Stretching over 70 miles along the western edge of the county, San Diego’s coastline is dotted with cascading cliffs and impeccable beaches. Most of San Diego’s more popular beaches are located in seaside towns and neighborhoods that form the character of the city. Some of our favorites include La Jolla, Del Mar, Cardiff, Pacific Beach, and Ocean Beach. Each beach has its own distinct terrain and amenities, giving you the opportunity to experience the Pacific Ocean however you want.

San Diego is also a hub for events during the summer, owing to the large number of visitors that plan their summer vacations in the city. In addition to the San Diego County Fair and their big-headlining Concert Series, San Diego also hosts a number of other events, like Comic Con, every year. Surf competitions dot the beach calendars every year as well.

In addition, San Diego has a thriving restaurant and bar culture, with fantastic new locales opening every year to showcase a variety of local and international cuisines. San Diego is the capital of craft breweries in the U.S., with nearly 200 breweries and tasting rooms across the area. No matter where you go in San Diego County, there’s sure to be amazing food, drink, and fun everywhere you turn.

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