How well do you think you know San Diego? Check out this list below on San Diego facts!

man surfing a wave in a wetsuite from right to left. The water is blue and emerald green, the sky is sunnySan Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States, with a unique atmosphere of high commerce and ever-growing city and beautiful weather along a coastline. Perfect for those who want to grind and not travel to relax and enjoy life.

Originally the land belonged to the Kumeyaay, who occupied the space between the coast and the mountains between San Diego and Mexico. Europeans didn’t settle until 1769, who devastated the indigenous landscape with disease and foreign plants and animals.

View of San Diego Mission, white adobe with the 5 bells stacked. On the left of the frame is a beautiful native plant garden with blooming flowers, yucca, palm and oak tree, and a wooden cross.The U.S. and Mexican border was the original line drawn in the sand to mark Alto and Baja California. The distinction was made between the Jesuits and Franciscan Catholics establishing missions along the coast.

View of 3 large military vessals coming towards viewer from left to right and forward. The sun is almost set, mostly a dark blue, with some red and yellow hues. The ships have lights from bow to mast and along the side, reflecting in waterWhile the rest of the country went through the Great Depression, San Diego actually thrived, establishing itself as a military base, which grew exponentially under World War 2. Today we still have military barracks, and public spaces that are homage to the military tradition. What used to be the red light district is now Gaslamp Quarter, and what used to be a military base is now Liberty Square Public Market.

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