Sun, beaches, ice cream. The summer months of June, July, and August in San Diego mean that kids are off from school, the amazing weather gets even better, and we can look forward to tons of events like the San Diego County Fair and San Diego Comic Con (not to mention, a flood of tourists from all over the world!). But summer as a cultural phenomenon can mean different things in different parts of the world.

During the summer, San Diegans can expect an average of 14 hours of daylight, which is a huge advantage in a place known for its fantastic outdoor living. But in other places, such as Norway, the sun hardly sets at all in the summer! Because of the Earth’s tilt on its axis, northern countries such as Norway experience the phenomenon of “midnight sun” from late June to early August. There could be around 21-22 hours of daylight in Oslo, and even 24 hours of daylight for part of the summer in the north. Many people who live in this part of the world take advantage of the weather to go hiking, fishing, and even sailing in the middle of the night!

In Australia, summer is actually between the months of December and February, due to Australia’s location in the southern hemisphere. Their summer is full of outdoor activities though, as these are the hottest months of the year for them. Australians warn visitors that sunscreen is an absolute must, because of the high exposure that the continent has to unmitigated sun rays. Nevertheless, with proper packing, you can enjoy the Australian summer at a time of year you might not expect!

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We still think that San Diego is the most perfect place to spend your summer. Whether your interests lie in sailing, food, beaches, or all of the above, San Diego has all of the attractions to make your summer here the best!

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