two kids, one girl on the bow looking out and a boy next to her giving a sailors hand.

So you’re thinking about visiting San Diego? You’ve seen the ad’s already for major attractions like the Zoo, Seaworld, and perfect weather. But you got an itching feeling there is just more to it, right? Well you’re in luck, because San Diego has depth, culture, history, and there is so much to do for everyone who has a nitch in something (for the exception if you’re an artic enthusiast).


CAMERA ANGLE SIDE VIEW OF TWO SAILBOATS GLIDING TO THE LEFT PAST POINT LOMA, SUNNY BLUE SKIES.Of course we’re going to mention sailing, because THAT’S WHAT WE DO! But we’re not just any sailing company, we specialize in restoring classic vintage sailing yachts that were built right here in California and hand restore them ourselves. On our tours, adults receive a glass of complimentary wine, as well unlimited snacks and beverages. Most tours of San Diego are within the city, but don’t offer the spectacular view right on the Bay. Click here to view your options.


SAN DIEGO SUNSET CLIFFS PURPLE AND ORANGE SUNSET, WITH THE CLIFFS CREATING A C CURVE TO THE LEFT. GNETLE BEACH REFLECTING SKYThis tip is an absolute freebie, it doesn’t cost a penny to see, and is worth winding down the beach streets of Point Loma (which can be a little intimidating for visitors, but that’s what a GPS is for). Once you find parking, wander left or right, and you’ll find Sunset Cliffs before you. Watch the sun set behind the horizon line with waves crashing below your feet. It’s one of the most romantic views in San Diego. Just watch out for any caution signs that warn of unsteady ground, most of it is perfectly safe, but a few sections are at risk. Fun for the whole family, a great way to be outside with minimal effort.


Want some action and excitement? Our friend’s here at Cabrillo Isle Marina offer adventures on speedboats for those who want to tour San Diego’s waters while zipping along the Bay. Make sure you call ahead of time in the summer, they are usually sold out by the time the weekend is here!


VIEW OF BALBOA PARK DOME WITH THE TOWER TO THE LEFT SLIGHTLY BLURRED. DETAIL ON DOME TILE PATTERNS WITH BLUE SKYBalboa Park is perfect for several reasons. It’s free to visit, it’s great for the whole family, there’s several beautiful places and gardens to walk through which is enjoyable for all ages. Visit their website to get a comprehensive map of where the rose, cactus, Botanical gardens, and fish pond are. There are art, science, history, natural, and traveling museums, as well regular live events that take place throughout the year. This place is a very old center of culture surrounded by nature, and was built as part of the Wolrd Fair that took place in San Diego back in the early 1900’s. So bring your camera and the whole family, and don’t miss this spectacular place before you leave San Diego. The best part is it right next to the Zoo!


MAN SQUATTING ON PADDLEBOARD AS IT GLIDES IN BLUE WATER.Want adventure, gets you a tan, and works your muscles? Then you need a water-sport adventure that gets your heart rate going! There are lot’s of places that offer a variety of fun activities, but we’ve found that these guys are a one-stop shop; from kayaking, paddleboards, jetski, and flyboarding!


VIEW OF DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO PAST THE MIDWAY LOOKING AT THE LARGE KISSING STATUE FROM VIEW OF BEING ON THE WATER LOOKING TO DOWNTOWN.You could truly make walking along Downtown San Diego an all-day event if you wanted to, but I’ll share the highlights you want to look out for. Finding parking can be difficult, but I suggest starting near Little Italy for a vibrant art and restaurant scene. Head down to the piers and make your way left as you get a spectacular view of the Bay. As you walk you will pass by major attractions such as the famous Star of India, The Californian, the U.S.S Midway, and end at Seaport Village. This shopping area is a vibrant and historical location that is also equipped with a 100-year-old, still operating, carousal. Again, this is a great way to see several sites and being outdoors at the same time!


View San Diego from the air on Helicopter Tours. Did you know they also have an air and sea package, where you can book a helicopter tour and sailing tour? Now that’s the ultimate family adventure!


PANORAMA OF SAN DIEGO FROM THE VIEW OF COWELS MOUNTAIN SAN DIEGOSan Diego has an abundance of hiking trails with spectacular views. The best part is they’re often not too far from the city, making it an easy day trip. Of course the most popular is Cowel’s mountain, receiving thousands of visitors each year and remains to be a popular spot to view all of San Diego during sunset. Read more here.


VIEW OF CYCLIST ON A BEER TOURIt’s not a secret that San Diego is a craft beer capital. So why not relax, let someone do the driving, and enjoy the multiple tastes this city has to offer. You can find multiple tours that use their own bus or trolleys.


VIEW LOOKING DOWN INTO TIDE POOLS WITH SEA LIFEAnother freebie that’s fun for the whole family is visiting the tide pools in La Jolla. Other than minding the parking meter and limited spaces, once your there the sites and sounds are beautiful. Have fun being near (but too close) to sea lions, and searching for small critters under rocks and around the tide pools. We’ve even made a comprehensive guide on how to enjoy this special place respectfully and safely here. 


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